Cloudflare outage and strange Google SERPs

Diego Betto
Diego Betto
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On June 21 Cloudflare suffered an outage, as they report:

A change to the network configuration in those locations caused an outage which started at 06:27 UTC. At 06:58 UTC the first data center was brought back online and by 07:42 UTC all data centers were online and working correctly.


So now everything seems ok, right? Uhm…maybe not.
After two days a lot of websites started to gain rapidly positions on Google SERPs. There are three common patterns:
– all websites have links like http://domain/XX/YYYYYYY
– all websites (it seems) redirects to a specific website with porn content.
– all websites (it seems) are behind Cloudflare name servers.

Maybe it is only a coincidence, but seems a lot strange given the period.

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